RivaTuner is a utility designed for fine-tuning the parameters of video cards on NVIDIA chips and providing access to undocumented settings of Detonator drivers of all versions.

The program has a built-in database of driver settings, a registry editor, an editor of ready-made settings (scripts), a low-level GPU overclocking utility, a patch to fix the refresh problem, and a diagnostic module.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (both x86 and x64 versions) with full administrative rights
  • Any video card compatible with DirectX, Vulkan, or OpenGL


  • The server provides support for monitoring frame rate and frame time for client applications. Frame rate and frame time statistics are collected for DirectX, OpenGL, and VULKAN applications. Statistics can be displayed on the screen or provided to client applications connected to the server.
  • The server provides statistics on the use of 3D acceleration to client applications. Customers can use statistics to determine if any 3D applications are currently running, and apply different hardware profiles depending on that.
  • The server provides support for on-screen client applications. Clients can display any text information on the screen
  • Display in DirectX and OpenGL applications. The server can also be used as a stand-alone solution for monitoring frame rates and displaying its own frame rate statistics on the on-screen display.
  • The server provides support for desktop and in-game screen capture for client applications. BMP, PNG, and JPG screen capture formats are supported.
  • The server provides high-performance real-time desktop and in-game video capture support for client applications.
  • Uncompressed, high-performance custom RTV1 and native MJPG video encoding, encoding using third-party external veteran compatible codecs (such as Lagarith or X264VFW) and hardware-accelerated H. 264 encoding using Intel QuickSync technology, but the Nvidia and AMD VCE video cards are supported in combination with a wide range of optional video capture reviews options, with different sources, stereo and multi-channel (for Window Vista and newer) audio capture with push-to-talk support. The functionality of expensive commercial video capture products is now available to everyone absolutely for free! No more need to buy special video capture software!
  • Support for frame rate limiting. Limiting the frame rate during a game can help reduce power consumption, as well as improve the gaming experience by removing the unwanted micro-stuttering effect caused by frame rate fluctuations.
  • Extensible user architecture. You can express your creativity and create your own skins for the RivaTuner statistics server, create localization for your native language, use the server to display any custom text on the screen directly from your own app, and much, much more!

Known limitations:

  • The RivaTuner statistics server may not be compatible with some third-party on-screen display programs (for example, XFire or Steam In-Game Chat). This restriction does not apply specifically to our product, many third-party products are designed to be the only screen display products in the system and block their own functionality when running any other screen display software.
  • Anti-cheat systems of some online games may restrict the use of the on-screen display and block the connection to the server when the RivaTuner statistics server is running
  • The performance of the RTV 1 encoder in 64-bit applications is currently lower than in 32-bit applications
  • Hidden connection mode is not currently supported in 64-bit applications, so it is strongly discouraged to run other 64-bit screen display programs in conjunction with RivaTuner Statistics Server

RivaTuner download

What should I do if the program does not see the video card?

One of the most common problems when working with this utility is that it may not detect the video card whose drivers were released after the release of the utility itself (its latest version dates back to 2009). To fix this, you will need:

  1. Go to the video adapter Control Panel (located in the Windows Control Panel);
  2. In the «Help» menu, select » System Information;
  3. Remember the video adapter driver version (for example, 391.35);
  4. Then you need to go to the «Registry» tab of the main window of RivaTuner;
  5. Select the «System» branch»;
  6. In this branch of the registry keys, find the parameter » ForceDriverVersion»;
  7. Enter the value of the driver version (without a dot) in the parameter, first disabling the display of the number in hexadecimal format;
  8. Click «Apply» and restart the program.

Possible absence of the "Low-level System Settings" window»

Due to the presence of the dynamic clock function in modern graphics cards based on GeForce FX GPUs (and newer), its driver selects the frequency depending on whether the 3D graphics hardware acceleration mode is enabled or disabled.

When switching from one mode to another, the previous hardware frequency settings are reset. As a result, the low-level overclocking mode is disabled for GeForce FX-based graphics cards and all subsequent GPUs.